Sumayah Hassan
Relationship Mentor
London, United Kingdom


My name is Sumayah Hassan, I’m an American Relationship Mentor; living in London, UK with clients globally. I created Haven for Heartbreak to offer Muslim women the safe space to heal, develop emotional and relational intelligence. In addition to being the author of 50 Reflections on the Quran, I founded Recite & Reflect., which offers workshops on building a personal relationship with the Quran for non-Arabic speakers. I’m also a co-host on the Youtube show, Honest Tea Talk; and the voice behind the Sincerely, Sumayah podcast. Available on Apple & Google podcasts, Spotify and most podcast platforms.


In my work, I mentor Muslim women on relationships. 

That can look like being a second pair of eyes in the dating and courtship process, help dealing with a toxic parent, offering strategies for handling conflict and improving communication in marriage, support through heartbreak and betrayal or guidance on adjusting to life after divorce.

Mentoring is my way of using life experience, education, training and wisdom to offer guidance. To help you to make—not just your relationships but your life—significantly better. To facilitate your journey from awareness to meaningful action, and offer a fresh perspective on old issues. It’s my invitation to get curious and dare I say, excited about the things you never imagined were possible for you.


Book: 50 Reflections on the QuranPaperback & ebook

A compilation of brief reflections on the Quran written and compiled by Sumayah Hassan. It’s aimed at inspiring others to find their personal truth in the words of our Creator, (swt). May this book be the first step in your own journey towards understanding, living and being transformed by the Quran.


2015 Recite & Reflect

A project aimed at redefining the way the Quran is experienced, transforming our relationship with the Quran through Tadabbur, Quranic reflection. The core objective was teaching reflection, and making it simple and accessible using English resources for non-Arabic speakers. Alhamdulillah, the workshop has been attended by hundreds of women from over 23 countries around the world.

2016 Iman illustrated (closed in 2020)

An online community for Muslim women around Quran journaling, aimed at exploring Quranic reflection in a creative way, regardless of artistic ability or previous experience. It was a Facebook group to share our journaling and grew organically to over 6K members.

2018 the Sincerely, sumayah podcast

The Sincerely, Sumayah podcast: Voice notes to the world on relational intelligence. Not for everyone. Always with love. Subscribe & listen on Apple & Google Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast platforms.

2020 haven for heartbreak

Working with women struggling through their pain and grief, I realized that the few that do reach out for support were the exception; and the vast majority of Muslim women are still suffering from heartbreak alone.

I was blessed with the support of some of the best people I could ask for, Alhamdulillah; and Allah’s mercy carries me to this day. However, that’s not the case for most women going through this. The idea of having a dedicated space for wounded souls to share, be heard and met with validation and understanding makes a world of difference on the path to recovery. So, Haven for Heartbreak was born.

2022 The Creative courage community

A membership group for women evolving in real-time through challenging old habits, beliefs and mindsets while being seen, heard and held. This is where we take risks and move through the discomfort of creating things that aren’t for everyone; things that might not work. It’s space where we can be our whole selves with nothing to prove and no need to hide or perform.

In my eyes, the core value gained from being in this community comes from being surrounded by exceptional women who are making the courageous choice to show up, both when they’re winning and when they’re struggling. To cultivate a culture of facing our fears and moving through the discomfort of our doubts; one that embodies evolution and illustrates the process of producing creative work. 

Education & Training

2008 Bachelors of science in biology
2010 Masters of business administration – marketing
2017 diploma in the fundamentals of tafsir & sciences of the quran
2020 diploma in arabic & islamic studies
2020 Treating affairs & trauma
2021 nlp master Practitioner
2022 hypnotherapy practitioner
2022 cognitive BEHAVIORAL therapy Practitioner


Instagram: @sumayahahassan

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